Satnav leads to nasty job

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Satnav leads to nasty job

Post by mick » Thu Nov 27, 2014 6:28 pm

A Slovenian driver lost his way and ended up taking a detour around a lane that is not much bigger than a bridlepath. He got to a point where the road was too narrow for his vehicle. The trailer (fully laden) slipped off into the soft ground after the side of the road gave away. Two very large tractors had apparently attempted to pull it out earlier in the afternoon and had made it worse. We could only get to the rear of the trailer, it was leaning so badly that there was very little weight on the upper side wheels. Conditions were very poor, windy and heavy rain. The road was too narrow to use the outriggers on the rotator to give any real assistance. The boom of the rotator was used to give as much lift as possible on the lower side with the main winches. The side winches on the boom were used on the upper side of the trailer in an attempt to balance the boom and prevent the rotator from falling into the field with the trailer. The trailer chassis was extremely light in its construction, causing great concern from the likelihood of creating further damage. The drag winch was rigged up to assist pulling the trailer sideways. The equipment was re-rigged several times during the operation, as everything was working virtually at its limit.
Once the trailer was back on the road, we had another wrecker winch it forwards. It was then turned round and escorted back to the main carriageway.


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