Skylift truck in dyke

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Skylift truck in dyke

Post by mick » Mon Dec 01, 2014 7:04 pm

It looks like the driver got a little too far over on the soft verge, and the high centre of gravity on his vehicle along with the dyke caused it to tip over. The road was barely wide enough for one lorry, the verge is very soft, the boom truck was top heavy and relatively undamaged.

Two rotators were used, one at either end. Only a small amount of stabiliser leg could be used. The rotators were rigged to lift and pull at the same time. Once raised several feet, the rigging was changed allowing us to physically lift the casualty back onto the road. Fortunately, the vehicle has suffered minimal damage. It was towed back to our yard, then recovered onward back to it's own depot by another operator.


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