Fallen tree removal

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Fallen tree removal

Post by mick » Thu Aug 14, 2014 4:58 pm

The low loader, rotator and digger were called out to move a large 300 year old English oak tree which had blown over during the winter in Penshurst, Kent. The authorities were concerned about it so it was made secure until arrangements were made to move it when the weather was better etc. The road had to be closed whilst the job was carried out. We had to set up the winches, rotate the stump to break off remaining roots etc and then pull it down the embankment onto the carriageway. The digger was used to remove some of the earth from the roots, the stump was the lifted onto the low loader and transported to a local yard. The digger was then used to reinstate the embankment etc. Estimated weight of the stump was around 22 tons with the soil and probably down to around 16 tons when this was removed.

The company who hired ourselves had initially planned to use a crane and have it lifted out, but there was insufficient room and the crane company refused to take the job on as they could not be sure how much of the tree was still attached to the ground via its roots.


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