Burnt out German trailer (M25)

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Burnt out German trailer (M25)

Post by mick » Tue Oct 21, 2014 10:49 pm

This was on the M25 J6-5. It was carrying large rolls of paper toweling. One hub bearing failed, heated up and caught fire. Fortunately the driver had the presence of mind to disconnect the towing vehicle. The fire brigade had difficulty extinguishing the fire, this resulted in the weight going up dramatically as the tissue paper absorbed lots of water. We attended with the low loader and the rotator towing it's own trailer to carry the remainder of the load. We have recently invested in a rubber duck (wheeled 360 digger) and have modified it to accept a clam shell bucket as an aid to incidents such as this.

We had to cut the trailer down and managed to get both the digger and the trailer on the low loader. The Germans never did come back for the salvage :wink:


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