Overturned laden tipper

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Overturned laden tipper

Post by mick » Tue Nov 25, 2014 11:17 pm

We attended this incident on the A24/Dorking with the Rotator and Kenworth 6x4. The driver lost control of the vehicle and it went into the N/S verge. He tried to correct the vehicle but it appears it came back up onto the carriageway at quite an angle, crossed the road and went into a dyke on the O/S. It was still travelling at quite a speed when it turned onto its side. The cab roof hit several large trees before it came to rest in the position you see here. The driver was, once again, extremely lucky. The roof and pillars took the brunt of the impact and were crushed above him. The steering wheel and controls were pushed back against the seat, but somehow he managed to climb out with no injuries.

We had to wait for a road closire before proceeding with the recovery. The Rotator was set up to right the vehicle and hold it in place whilst the KW winched it back to the carriageway. The straps were re-positioned to allow the Rotator to slew whilst the recovery was taking place. This not only helped the vehicle stay upright, but also assisted in the recovery back to the road. A large amount of tarmac load was still in the vehicle as it had gone off. The scene was cleared and the vehicle was towed back to our depot


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